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Have Re-elections for MMDCE’s At Centres that Witnessed Chaos – Nii Lante Vandurpuye

According to the ranking member, the government cannot impose their own nominee on the people to be confirmed when the assembly do not want them.

Ranking member, on the local government and rural Development committee in parliament Nii Lante Vanderpuye has admonished  government to make provision for another election to be conducted for MMDCE’s who encountered challenges during their confirmation.

According to the ranking member, the government cannot impose their own nominee on the people to be confirmed when the assembly do not want them.

He made mentioned at some instances at central region where the nominee has been rejected twice which in his words signal the government that the people do not want the nominee but used some forces for the nominee to be confirmed.

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“Then you renominate the person as MCE, the first run of voting he lost, second run, when the regional minister even went and knelt down and beg the people he lost. Why should you nominate the person, is it the most intelligent, competent and the most qualify person in the party in Cape Coast? Is like you are forcing somebody on the people.”

  • Mr. Vanderpuye continued that they have identified five Assemblies which they want the government to conduct the election again because of some chaos and misunderstanding that happened during the confirmation of some MMDCE’s.

On the side of the majority, member of the local government and rural development committee Sylvester Tetteh also stated that the minority should be rather ask the electoral commission who conducted the election to account to it.

“For instance, these elections were supervised by the EC and certified as such. So first of all, the only institution mandated to run in this country is the EC and if anybody feel like you are cheated, there is a remedy provided for or in the constitution and that has to be pursuit.”

Mr. Tetteh continued that if the minority in parliament feels like if there are issues relating to the MMDCE’s elections, they can proceed in court for the right thing to be done.

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“I think that the minority knows better, if somebody violate that objective is a contempt of court so they should go to court and sight him for contempt of court. So, calling for a rerun I’m not too sure that is the best remedy under the law and that is not the position of the law.”

A total number of 230 out of 260 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives which represents 88.5% have been confirmed and 30 MMDCE’s represents 11.5% are on pending waiting for third run election or renomination.

222 confirmed MMDCE’s are male which represents 85.38% while 38 confirmed MMDCE’s are females represent 14.62%.


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