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HigherEd Spotlight: From Rural Roots to Leadership Heights: A Look Odame Awal’s Inspiring SRC Journey

Our HigherEd spotlight features young and inspiring leaders in tertiary institutions who are shaping student activism.

Odame Awal’s journey to becoming a beacon of hope and leadership at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is a remarkable story of resilience and dedication.

From his early days in a rural community, Awal has shown an unyielding spirit and a deep commitment to service.

Awal’s leadership journey began at Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School, where he was actively involved in both religious and student governance activities. He served as the Bible Studies Coordinator for PENSA and SU, and his commitment led to his retention in these roles throughout his high school years.

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Awal’s talent for bridging gaps among diverse groups was evident through his organization of inter-religious debates and social activities, fostering unity between Christian and Muslim students. He was later elected school prefect and president of the debate society, further recognizing his ability to unify and lead.

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At KNUST, Awal quickly became an influencial student, serving as a class representative and later as the IT Personnel for the Social Science Society. He organized tutorials and collaborated with teaching assistants to support his peers academically, showcasing his proactive nature.

Awal’s leadership prowess influenced his decision to vye as president of the College of Humanities and Social Science Students’ Association, making him the head of the largest college in West Africa. Under his presidency, he championed inclusivity and equity, involving foreign students in leadership roles and focusing on bridging gender and international student gaps.

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Among his notable initiatives was the “Beyond the Classroom” program, aimed at educating students about opportunities outside the classroom and encouraging co-curricular engagement. He also introduced the CoHSS Trail Support System, providing academic support to students facing challenges.

Awal’s vision for leadership transcends traditional roles, focusing on inclusivity, and the empowerment of all students. His approach is not about commanding from above but listening, understanding, and developing potential in others, irrespective of their background or age.

Odame Awal’s candidacy for SRC President is built on a foundation of proven leadership, impactful initiatives, and commitment to student welfare over the years. His story is a testament to the power of leadership rooted in service, and commitment to community development.

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