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Hits of Taylor Swift, Drake, Others Pulled from TikTok Amid Licensing Dispute

Songs from artists signed to Universal Music Group have started disappearing from TikTok after the two sides hit a roadblock in renewing their content licensing agreement, sparking a public spat.

High-profile artists like Taylor Swift and Drake are among those whose music was conspicuously absent from the platform, a gap noticed by users and confirmed by The Accra Times on Thursday.

The stalemate resulted from the expiration of the licensing deal between UMG and TikTok on Wednesday, with negotiations breaking down over financial terms. Universal has leveled serious accusations against TikTok, charging the platform with engaging in bullying and intimidation tactics during the contract discussions.

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According to UMG, TikTok’s proposed compensation for artists and songwriters is significantly lower than what is offered by other major social media platforms, sparking concerns over fair payment.

Adding to the controversy, Universal has criticized TikTok for purportedly allowing its platform to be overrun by AI-generated music, raising questions about the authenticity and quality of content available to users. This move by UMG to pull its catalog from TikTok not only impacts the availability of popular music on the app but also signals a brewing conflict over the valuation and compensation of music in the digital age.

The fallout from this dispute highlights the growing tensions between music labels and social media platforms over licensing agreements and the fair compensation of artists. As negotiations continue to unfold, the music and tech industries alike are watching closely to see how this standoff will influence future agreements and the landscape of music licensing on social media platforms.

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