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Hold Duty Bearers Accountable, German Ambassador Urges Ghanaians

The Ambassador emphasized the need for accountability in governance and urged citizens to engage the Auditor-General's report.

The German Ambassador to Ghana, Daniel Krull, on Friday urged Ghanaians to hold duty bearers accountable with findings from the Auditor-General’s report during the commissioning of a new regional audit office in the eastern region funded by the German government.

Daniel Krull pointed out that it is not enough to make the report and recommendation available to the public without action.

The German-funded facility is expected to make the work of the audit staff effective and fight corruption.

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The Ambassador emphasized the need for accountability in governance and urged citizens to engage the Auditor-General’s report.

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“It is not only about the reports produced by the institutions. It is what is done with the observations and recommendations that are put on paper. This does not depend on the audit service alone, but this depends on the citizenry of this country,” he said.  “If only you decide to hold your members of parliament, your municipalities accountable and use this report to make sure that they follow the rule of transparency, the Ghana audit service will be very successful for the progress and prosperity of the people of Ghana.”

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The Auditor-General, Johnson Akuamoah Asiedu, said the new facility would provide a conducive environment that will help the staff of the audit service curb corruption.

“Our greatest challenge as an independent institution has been inadequate office accommodation. What we are witnessing today is indeed a very big dream come true. This reality has been due to the massive support of the government to the audit service to help curb the menace of corruption,” he said.

The audit service is mandated to protect the public purse by ensuring expenditures are made in accordance with the law and value for money achieved.

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