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The Attorney-General has Become a Financial ‘Superhero’ but We Need More Evidence

The press release from Ghana's Office of the Attorney-General, attributed to Attorney-General Godfred Yeboah Dame, detailed savings through legal actions but lacked verification, clarity, comparative data, and transparency on legal strategies.

On March 1, a press release from the Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry of Justice provided detailed examples of cases where significant amounts of money were saved through legal actions. However, there are a few points to consider regarding the facts and data.

Lack of Independent Verification: While the press release asserts substantial savings in judgment debts, no independent verification or external sources are cited to corroborate these claims. Without independent confirmation or access to official records, readers may question the accuracy and reliability of the information presented.

Clarity on Savings Calculation: The press release states that “the amounts actually avoided in the payment of judgment debts from 2021 to date are well over GHC10 trillion.” However, it would be helpful to provide a breakdown or methodology explaining how these savings were calculated to give readers a better understanding of the basis for this assertion.

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Lack of Comparative Data: While the press release highlights specific cases where savings were achieved, it does not provide comparative data or context to assess the significance of these savings. Including information such as the total amount of judgment debts incurred during the same period or the average cost of similar cases would provide a clearer picture of the impact of the savings.

Transparency on Legal Strategies: Although the press release outlines successful legal actions taken by the Attorney-General’s office, it does not provide detailed insights into the specific legal strategies employed to achieve these outcomes. Sharing information about the legal arguments presented, court rulings, and factors contributing to the successful defense could enhance transparency and credibility.

The press release presents compelling examples of successful legal actions resulting in significant savings for the state but there are opportunities to improve transparency, provide context, and ensure independent verification of the data presented. Providing additional details and context would enhance the credibility and understanding of the achievements highlighted in the press release below.

A G Press Release Over GHC10tn Judgment Debts 1

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