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HTX Construction to Redefine Home Remodeling, Architecture in Ghana

It’s past 10 am on a Monday morning, and on the last floor of the building which houses HTX Construction in Labone, Accra, Troy L. Marsaw sits with some members of his team as he talks passionately about home remodeling and repairs.

Right by his side is his signature cowboy hat which doubles as a protective shield from the sweltering Ghanaian sun.

He explains to his team how his company aims to stand out and stand tall among its competitors in the home renovation, architecture, interior design, and home repair industry.

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A native of Houston, Texas, Marsaw 57, first came to Ghana two years ago on an invitation by a friend—marking the beginning of what is now a lingering love affair with the West African country.

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“Ghana offers me something that I’ve never had before in my entire life I would say, and that is the freedom to walk outside and know that when I leave my home the chances that I would return are huge,” he said. “The people are great people, they respect life, they respect each other–it’s just unbelievable the feeling that I get when I am in Ghana.”

The timing of Marsaw’s visit to Ghana can be described as perfect. He came during the height of the  Year of Return campaign by the Government of Ghana. The massive impactful campaign was the president, Nana Akufo-Addo’s way of extending a warm invitation to Africans in the diaspora to come back home and be part of the program to build the motherland.

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A serial entrepreneur, Marsaw sharpened his acumen for business when as a child, he watched his grandfather wake up early to work hard to operate and maintain his concrete business.  This lesson on work ethics has stuck with him throughout his life.

With determination, hard work, and a staunch faith in God, he’s gone on, as an adult, to start and sustain successful businesses in a number of industries including real estate.

“Before I came to Ghana, I was already purchasing residential homes and businesses here {Houston} and renovating them,” he said. “So, when I paid a crew in Ghana to renovate my place I realized it could have been done a lot better and so I decided I’m already doing it back home, maybe, I should take a look into improving the way my house was done and improve others.”

That is how HTX Construction Ghana was birthed. With over 20 years of combined experience in home repair, remodeling, and interior design, Marsaw is promising a superb fusion of traditional and western styles that will transform your homes and offices into timeless luxury spaces.

“Housing in Ghana is different from housing that I have seen,” said Marsaw. “I see a lot of wasted spaces in the homes in Ghana that could be modified. It’s not that Ghanaians are doing anything wrong, it’s just that we’ve moved into a new era now where people want space and so the whole thing is to give them something different and bring them into the new way of doing housing.”

Many Ghanaians know all too well about the disappointing acts of handymen. It can be frustrating when your handyman doesn’t show up or pick up your calls when you have an appointment with them. Marsaw is promising to end these inconveniences with his team of highly trained and reliable handymen who will be an appointment away from fixing all your home repair needs. From painting to roof repair, power washing, flooring, carpentry, electrical work, and plumbing, HTX Construction does it all.

From your very first visit, Marsaw says you will be in the capable hands of a team of experienced experts from diverse cultural backgrounds who share a passion for working with your budget to create beautiful things.

“The job is not complete until it’s done correctly,” he said. “The idea is to give you the best product possible so you can have peace of mind. HTX also buys houses so if you have a house you want to unload, call us on +233 505 205 252 or +233 308 250 057.”
















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