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Humour, Conflict and Everything in Between as Roommates Clash in Apartment 22 on Showmax

Having a roommate isn’t the easiest thing, it’s even harder when you have to live with three other people who don’t get along. That’s the dilemma of Dr Samad Bayou (Harry Bentil) in the Ghanaian comedy series Apartment 22, now streaming on Showmax, with new episodes coming express from Akwaaba Magic.

Apartment 22 follows Samad, a Muslim university teaching assistant, who finds himself sharing a two-bedroom apartment with three women who are constantly fighting each other for space and territory..

“No one is ever right, and there are arguments all over the place,” says Bentil, who is also the series’ creator, writer and director.

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When Ansaba (Nancy Maurice) and Naki (Sitsofe Tsikor, Aloevera) move back into the apartment they share with Samad, they don’t expect to find new faces, and especially not the cocky, beautiful Deja (Jessica Williams, Living with Trisha) who just happens to be a celebrity stylist. With Samad taking the master bedroom, the three ladies are left to share a room and sleep in one bed.

While Samad watches from the side lines, refusing to be dragged into this petty rivalry, Ansaba and Naki scheme on ways to teach Deja a lesson and push her out of the apartment.

But of course, Deja isn’t as unsuspecting as they think she is – always turning their schemes against them.

With all this trouble, they still have to deal with a much bigger enemy – Sir Lord (Andy Banks), their money-hungry landlord who just happens to live right above them. Tagging along is the landlord’s invasive girlfriend (Ellain Attoh, House of Umoja) who treats their kitchen (and everything in it) as her own.

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Apartment 22 also stars Sandra Sei, Frympy Bright, and Jasmine Amo, with popular comedian and award-winning actor Bismark The Joke as Samad’s friend and regular face around the house.

For more local stories from Ghana on Showmax, also catch Eden (also created and directed by Bentil), a drama series about four guys who move into one apartment and find out that their lives are more connected than they ever imagined. Also look out for TV series like Jupiter Rising, Brazen, Sheroes of Our Time, Table of Men and more.

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