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I Will Only Feature Grammy-Winning Artistes – King Ayisoba

Popular Ghanaian traditional Kologo-stringing musician, King Ayisoba, has shared his views on collaborations in the music industry.

In a recent interview with A1 Radio, King Ayisoba expressed his preference to solely work with musicians who have been honoured with Grammy Awards, if he decides to feature someone on a song.

Ayisoba emphasized his belief in his musical prowess, asserting that he’s attained a level where he does not need to collaborate with other musicians, but should he need a feature  he’ll only consider Grammy-winning artists.

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“Where I reach now, I think that I don’t need collaboration and even if I will feature, I need someone who has won a Grammy before,” he said.

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King Ayisoba expressed the desire to work with artistes capable of catapulting his music to a Grammy-worthy level.

“I will want to feature someone who can help me get nominated for a Grammys,” he said.

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He also disclosed that he has been encouraged by numerous individuals who believe he has the potential to win a Grammy Award.

“Because many said that I deserve a Grammy award. So I want to feature someone who is big and has won a Grammys so that I may get a nomination. We are working on getting someone of the kind,” he stated.

Born Albert Apoozore, King Ayisoba, is a Ghanaian traditional musician known for his distinct style of music alongside the Kologo, a traditional lute from West Africa, with 1 to 5 strings. He is popularly known for his hit song “I want to see you my father” which he released in 2007.

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