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Inspiring the Next Generation of African Entrepreneurs and Creating Opportunities for Women

With a mission to celebrate African excellence, inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs, and create opportunities for women, WEAR Ghana is on a path to becoming Africa's most loved brand.

A fashion revolution is unfolding—one dressed in pride, heritage, and an unwavering commitment to African excellence. WEAR Ghana, a visionary fashion brand co-founded by Awura Abena Agyeman and Angorkor Nai-Kwade, is at the forefront of this transformation.

Born from the shared dreams of two university roommates who envisioned using fashion as a tool to contribute to the development of their community and elicit pride in Ghana-made products, WEAR Ghana has grown from a bold idea into a thriving reality.

The Genesis of WEAR Ghana
The journey of WEAR Ghana began in 2013 when Awura Abena and Angorkor decided to leave their corporate jobs in banking and telecommunications to chase a dream. A dream of an Africa clothed by Africa. Unlike their peers who favored every day, overpriced boutique looks, they sought to create a style representing The New African. This pursuit led to the birth of WEAR Ghana, a brand now synonymous with beautiful fabrics, memorable prints, and bold colors.

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The GIGI Collection: A Testament to African Magic
Over a decade of trial and error, learning, and relearning, Awura Abena and Angorkor have perfected the GIGI collection. This unisex and stylish collection encapsulates the magic of the people who wear them, showcasing the brand’s commitment to creating wearable monuments of African excellence. WEAR Ghana’s team, composed of young African enthusiasts, is focused on achieving world-class standards and global significance.

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A Vision for the Future
WEAR Ghana is driven by a vision of a future where Africans birthed the world’s greatest brands in Africa. The brand is building a community passionate about transforming the continent, using fashion as a vehicle for change. WEAR Ghana is impacting beyond fashion, from empowering young female tailors to becoming supervisors to initiating projects that motivate vulnerable girls to return to school.

Clothes Designed from a Place of Pride
WEAR Ghana’s clothes are designed from a place of pride in Africa’s history and future. The brand has clothed people from diverse backgrounds, including celebrities, business moguls, and young entrepreneurs. Their designs have graced global stages, won accolades, and become the go-to choice for impressive gifts, receiving rave reviews for their uniqueness and quality.

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The WEAR Ghana Mission and Vision
With a mission to celebrate African excellence, inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs, and create opportunities for women, WEAR Ghana is on a path to becoming Africa’s most loved brand. The brand values the legacy and spirit of the African continent and its commitment to excellence, creativity, innovation, collaboration, and courage.

Join the WEAR, Ghana Journey
WEAR Ghana invites everyone to join their phenomenal journey towards transforming Africa through fashion. As they continue pushing the limits and collaborating with like-minded individuals and brands, WEAR Ghana is not just a fashion brand but a movement towards a brighter, more inclusive, and excellently dressed future.

Learn more about WEAR Ghana and be part of this inspiring journey. Through the fashion business, WEAR Ghana is not just celebrating African excellence; it’s weaving it into the very fabric of the future.

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