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Instagram Introduces New Features to Reels

Instagram has introduced new features for Reels as it continues to expand the video format.

As of today, creators will be able to add interactive stickers, post videos up to 90 seconds long, use Reel templates, and more.

Instagram has come out with the new features to help creators better engage with their following, as well as attract new followers, as they compete with other platforms for creators.

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“Over a 60-day period, public accounts with over 10k followers that posted at least 5 Reels over 60 days gained over 2.5x as many followers as those within the same category who didn’t post Reels, Instagram said in a blog post. 

Here’s a breakdown of the new features:

  • Use sound effects: Instagram has added new sounds into their collection to help creators incite humor or emotion into their Reels. Think a crickets sound effect after sharing an awkward joke.
  • Import audio: Users can now import audio directly within Instagram Reels. This can help add commentary or background noise to videos 5 seconds or longer on your camera roll. Others will also be able to use the recording in their own Reels as well, making this feature similar to how TikTok creates viral audio sounds.
  • Use interactive stickers: Like on Stories, users can now use interactive stickers on Reels. These stickers will allow creators to share polls, quizzes and an emoji slider.
  • Create longer Reels: As Instagram announced in the past, creators will now be able to create Reels up to 90 seconds long.
  • Pre-load a template: For those feeling uninspired, Instagram has launched Templates, which lets users create a Reel using another Reel as the template. Audio and clip placeholders are pre-loaded, so creators just have to add and trim their own clips.

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