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Mahama Emphasizes Progressive Policy, National Rebuilding in NDC LAB Policy Dialogue Closure

Former President John Dramani Mahama concluded the NDC LAB Policy Dialogue, emphasizing the party's readiness for the 2024 elections with progressive policy proposals. He highlighted the urgent need for socio-economic reforms and promised a focused, efficient governance structure to address Ghana's challenges.

Former President John Dramani Mahama has applauded the organizers of the NDC LAB for fostering innovative policy ideas and solutions to improve Ghanaians’ socio-economic conditions.

Delivering the closing remarks on Friday, February 23 at the NDC LAB Policy Dialogue,  he emphasized the significant strides the NDC has made in policy development ahead of the 2024 elections.

Mahama praised the NDC LAB for its quality human resources and critical thinking, noting his active engagement and professionalism since 2021. He also acknowledged the need to fine-tune some policy proposals but expressed confidence in the robustness of the upcoming manifesto and its alignment with the party’s vision for governance.

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Addressing Ghana’s current socio-economic crisis, Mahama criticized the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia administration for mismanagement and corruption, which led to high unemployment, worsening living conditions, and a deepening economic meltdown. He stressed the urgent need for a new direction anchored on workable, progressive policies.

The former President reviewed consolidated reports from thematic working groups, highlighting their response to economic and governance crises and their alignment with concerns raised by Ghanaians during his Building Ghana Tours. He underlined the importance of swift and effective policy implementation upon the NDC’s election into office.

Mahama also discussed his policy proposals, including the 24-hour economy, which aims to expand economic opportunities and create jobs. He outlined plans for a resilient governance structure, a Digital Jobs Initiative, a FinTech Growth Fund, and a Coding for Employment Programme to support the digital economy and provide employment for the youth.

The dialogue also touched on the NDC’s commitment to completing abandoned government projects, with Mahama highlighting efforts to collect data and prioritize these projects for completion.

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Mahama expressed readiness to lead Ghana towards a brighter future, emphasizing the NDC’s commitment to reflecting the people’s will in the upcoming elections. He assured Ghanaians of the party’s dedication to protecting votes and ensuring a fair electoral process.

Mahama’s closing remarks at the NDC LAB Policy Dialogue underscore the party’s focus on policy innovation, national rebuilding, and creating a government that responds to the needs and aspirations of all Ghanaians.


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