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Judgment Day: Inside Ken Ofori-Atta’s Parting Message to Staff as He Makes Way for a New Minister

Ofori-Atta's legacy will be judged by ordinary Ghanaians who felt his leadership's impact. His reflections remind us of the complexity of economic decisions and their effects on citizens' lives. History will judge, but Ghanaians will decide his place in Ghana's economic history.

In a heartfelt farewell message, Ghana’s former Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori Atta recently bid farewell to his role, reflecting on his seven-year journey steering the nation through many economic challenges and opportunities including COVID-19.

Ofori-Atta was relieved of his duties on Wednesday, Feb. 14 after President Akufo-Addo made changes to his government in what has been described as a major reshuffling since he first came into office in 2017.

As he makes way for the new minister to take over, Ofori-Atta acknowledged that while history may offer its verdict, it is ultimately the ordinary Ghanaian who will judge his legacy.

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“Together, we have weathered storms, surmounted challenges, and won key battles
for the Republic. Reflecting on our journey, I am reminded of the work we have
together done through the seven (7) Budget Statements we developed and
implemented over the period,” he wrote.

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Ofori-Atta’s leadership was defined by an ambitious agenda to stabilize and grow Ghana’s economy, characterized by pivotal budget statements and strategic initiatives aimed at fostering resilience and growth. His tenure witnessed the implementation of stimulus packages for businesses, the expansion of social services, and the restructuring of the financial sector amidst global upheavals.

These endeavors, Ofori-Atta contends, were vital in safeguarding lives, livelihoods and setting the economy on a path to recovery.

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“Through prudent financial management and strategic allocation of resources, we
have pursued initiatives aimed at boosting economic growth, promoting social
welfare, and expanding infrastructural development,” he noted. “As a result of these efforts, our country has experienced remarkable progress”.

Despite his achievements, Ofori-Atta’s tenure has not been without its critics. Ghanaians have voiced concerns over economic challenges, high debt levels, austerity measures, taxation policies, infrastructure development, job creation, inflation, and transparency issues. While acknowledging these criticisms, Ofori-Atta acknowledged the help of staff members in the Ministry of Finance and encouraged them to continue working hard for Ghana’s economic growth.

“I pray that you continue to be resolute, dedicated, unwavering
and committed to the work of the Republic and care for the finances of the State,” Ofori-Atta.


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***We have tried our best to verify this document from our sources. The Ministry of Finance, however, has not confirmed it yet.

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