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KFC Nigeria’s Apology and the Call for Accessibility

KFC Nigeria apologizes after a wheelchair user, Adebola Daniel, was refused service at an outlet in Lagos airport. The incident prompts outrage, investigation, and closure, highlighting the need for greater inclusivity and accessibility awareness.

KFC Nigeria has become the center of controversy after a wheelchair user, Adebola Daniel, was refused service at one of its outlets in Lagos airport. The incident has sparked widespread outrage and led to the closure of the airport authority’s branch.

Adebola Daniel, the son of a former Nigerian state governor, took to social media to recount his experience, describing it as “the worst sort of public humiliation” he had ever faced. “Today, I felt less than human, like a guard dog was not allowed into the house. Lonely and isolated.” According to Daniel, despite being accompanied by his wife and two brothers, he was ordered to leave the KFC outlet because of his wheelchair.

The incident prompted an investigation by the federal airport authority, which subsequently shut down the outlet. KFC Nigeria has since apologized and pledged to train its staff on empathetic customer service.

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In a statement, KFC Nigeria expressed regret over the incident and emphasized its commitment to ensuring that all customers are treated with dignity and respect. The company acknowledged that its staff’s actions fell short of its standards and promised to take corrective measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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The refusal of service to Adebola Daniel has reignited conversations about accessibility and inclusivity in public spaces in Nigeria. Disability rights advocates have called for greater awareness and sensitivity training among businesses to ensure that individuals with disabilities are not marginalized or discriminated against.


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