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King Charles to Treat Cancer with Herbs for Cancer Instead of Chemotherapy, Royal Expert Says

A Royal expert has revealed that King Charles has reportedly always argued against Chemotherapy, and is in fact an advocate for things like natural herbs and potions.

Although speculative, the Royal expert revealed that King Charles is likely receiving medical advice and consultations from Dr Micheal Dixon, who is the chair of the Royal Medical Household and has also been in charge of The King’s own natural alternative medical institute.

On Feb.5, Buckingham Palace disclosed that during the King’s recent treatment for an enlarged prostate, a different type of cancer was uncovered.

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Stating specifically that it was not prostrate cancer, the specific cancer type remains undisclosed.

In 2019, King Charles was granted the title of Royal Patron of the faculty of homeopathy, which is a collective of medical professionals who are also advocates for pseudoscientific forms of medicine.


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