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Kofi Kinaata Promotes Regular Migration at the International Dialogue on Migration

IOM Ghana and Kofi Kinaata collaborated to promote regular migration pathways and raise awareness of the risks associated with irregular migration.

Ghanaian rapper, Kofi Kinaata, addressed the world’s high-level delegates during the International Dialogue on Migration (IDM) held at the United Nations Headquarters on May 21 and May 22, 2024.

The event which was organised by the International Organisation for Migration(IOM) focused on international efforts to promote regular migration pathways under the theme  “Facilitating Regular Pathways to a Better Future: Harnessing the Power of Migration.  

In his address, Kinaata reflected on his journey as the Goodwill Ambassador of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Ghana and spoke about how he used the opportunity to create awareness about the irregular forms of migration.

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“Becoming a National Goodwill Ambassador for IOM was my chance to address the pressing migration issues I have witnessed. Young people from my home in Western Ghana were risking dangerous journeys to Libya, hoping to reach Europe for a better life. I realized I could use my music to raise awareness and inspire change among the youth in my region and beyond.”     

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He went on to mention his motivation for accepting the ambassadorial deal and the positive effects of IOM’s initiatives on the lives of people who have been successfully reintegrated into their communities.

“IOM has helped a lot of returnees. They always end their stories by saying ‘IOM reintegrated me, IOM helped me to come back,’ so when I was contacted by IOM in 2017, I immediately accepted the offer,” he recounted.

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Kinaata Kinaata, joined by government officials, civil society, private sector partners and UN organizations from different parts of the world at the event, disclosed that he could have easily fallen victim to the dangers of stowaway, if not for his career in music some years ago.  He also stressed the need to promote proper migration for migrants, adding that “if we must migrate, we must migrate safe”

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The “Behind the Scenes” hitmaker shared the personal challenges he faces while writing songs about migration. He said that his discussions with returnees had influenced his comprehension of these matters and given him the inspiration to write songs that people in similar circumstances could identify with.

“Speaking to returnees helped me understand their experiences, which I then used to create songs that resonate with their stories,” he explained.

IOM Ghana and Kofi Kinaata collaborated to promote regular migration pathways and raise awareness of the risks associated with irregular migration.

Kofi Kinaata has demonstrated his commitment to IOM and the youth of Ghana through events such as International Migrants Day celebrations, radio talks, and interactions with former Ghanaian migrants who had returned home. The rapper also hosts an annual youth seminar dubbed International Migrants Day in his hometown of Takoradi.

The IDM discussions were held in conjunction with ongoing regional reviews of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration implementation, as well as the UN Summit of the Future.   


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