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Koku Anyidoho Writes: Investigating Cause of Death of Prez Atta-Mills Becomes More Important in the Wake of John Kumah’s Poisoning Allegations

In my belief of being consistent with my principled convictions – especially on the national platform, I have no qualms about the calls being made for the cause of John Kumah’s death to be investigated and made public especially because he was a public official on the payroll of the Republic of Ghana.

However it is very interesting and stinkingly hypocritical that, very unprincipled characters who choose to play stinking silly partisan politics with every issue, are jumping all over themselves on the issue of John Kumah’s death, but turn around to call some of us names for demanding same as regards the death of the late President John Evans Atta-Mills .

Since the issue of alleged poisoning has entered the political arena, who says that the late President John Evans Atta-Mills did not also die from poisoning?

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I repeat: who says the late President Atta-Mills did not also die from poisoning?

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Both the late President Atta-Mills and John Kumah, were state actors of public repute – but the late President was the Number One citizen of Ghana and also the first ever President of the Republic to have died in office and that makes it more of an important imperative for the State to tell the nation the cause of death.

Is it not a shame that some people get angry when the legitimate Ekumfi Otuam family of the late President Mills and Koku Anyidoho ask for autopsy report of what killed the late President?

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Deputy General Secretary of NDC, Mustapha Gbande is one of those deeply partisan people asking for the cause of death of a Deputy Minister/MP because he suspects poisoning; yet he and his ilk say Koku Anyidoho should not question the cause of death of the late President. What a shame!!!

I ask again; so is John Mahama saying he got sworn-in as President on the night of July, 2024, without knowing what killed his late boss?

Subsequently, as the President for four and a half years, is John Mahama saying he never bothered to know the cause of death? Is it a case of just being interested in power so the cause of death was needless to know?

Well, some of us are and shall forever be interested in what/who killed President John Evans Atta-Mills on Tuesday, July 24, 2012, and no evil machinations shall stop God’s divine judgment from standing.

As is written in the Holy Bible “For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous, lest the righteous reach out their hands to iniquity” (Psalm 125:3).

God bless my Homeland Ghana 🇬🇭, grant me the strength to always cherish fearless honesty, resist the rule of oppressors with all my will and might until destiny is fulfilled.

To God be the glory now and always.
Sunday, March 10, 2024.
Samuel Koku Sitsofe Anyidoho

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