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Lilian Kumah Accuses Nigel Gaisie of Exploiting Personal Tragedy for Fake Prophecy

Since his passing last week, there's been speculation about what caused the Minister's death.

In a startling revelation, Apostle Mrs. Lilian Kumah, wife of Deputy Finance Minister John Kumah, has accused self-styled prophet, Nigel Gaisie of exploiting her family’s personal tragedy for his own gain.

In an interview with Asaase News, Apostle Mrs. Kumah disclosed that Nigel Gaisie had prior knowledge of her husband’s terminal illness before making a purported prophecy about the death of a deputy minister in Ghana in 2024.

According to Apostle Mrs. Kumah, Nigel Gaisie was intimately acquainted with her family, having shared meals and close personal interactions with them on numerous occasions. She revealed that the prophet at one time was on her husband’s payroll and that her family had voluntarily shared details of Dr. Kumah’s health condition with Gaisie, believing him to be a genuine man of God.

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“Nigel Gaisie knew very well that my husband was terminally ill as far back as August 2023 but regardless of that, he stood on his altar on 31st December 2023 to lie through his supposed prophesy that a Ghanaian deputy minister will die in the year 2024. What does he want to achieve through these fake prophesies?” she said in that interview.

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Since his passing last week, there’s been speculation about what caused the Minister’s death. Aside from claims made by Captain Smart that he was poisoned through food, a 31st December prophecy video by Prophet Nigel Gaisie also surfaced on social media.

However, the former Minister’s widow has refuted those claims, saying in that interview with Asaase that her husband died from a months-long illness and not food poisoning.

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While she did not disclose the particular illness in question, there are reports that John Kumah had been battling with a condition called multiple myeloma – which is a rare blood cancer that affects the plasma cells in the bone marrow.

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