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Mahama’s Campaign Team Clarifies Misinformation, Denies Ties with Alleged “Social Democratic Forum”.

The Mahama 2024 Campaign denies ties with the "Social Democratic Forum," dismissing it as an NPP fabrication to distract from dissatisfaction in the Ashanti Region and underline NDC's independent mobilization for upcoming elections.

A press release from the Mahama Campaign team has addressed claims made by an alleged group known as the “Social Democratic Forum,” which was purportedly linked to the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

This group was accused of stating that the NDC heavily depends on Alan Kyeremanteng and his Butterfly Movement for political advantage in the Ashanti Region. The campaign firmly denies any knowledge or affiliation with the purported group, dismissing it as a fabrication by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) aimed at discrediting the NDC amidst growing dissatisfaction in the Ashanti Region over issues like economic mismanagement, corruption, and arrogance of power attributed to the NPP.

The press release emphasizes the NPP’s failure to meet the Ashanti Region’s expectations, which has resulted in increased support for the NDC. It criticizes the NPP’s tactics as desperate attempts to undermine the significant backlash against their flagbearer’s governance.

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The NDC, described as Ghana’s largest and most structured opposition party, expresses its readiness to collaborate with all entities aiming to remove the NPP from power but clarifies it has yet to depend on any external group or party for its political activities.
The statement concludes by highlighting the NDC’s focus on mobilizing for the upcoming December elections with a vision of “Building the Ghana we want together,” reinforcing its commitment to political independence and grassroots organization.

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