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Mahama Promises Incentive For Teachers Posted to Rural Areas

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is proposing a 20% incentive for teachers who agree to serve in rural areas.

“Teachers who agree to serve in a rural school will be paid 20% of their salary as an incentive. This will encourage teachers to serve in rural areas,” Mahama said in a live broadcast on Sunday, as the 2024 December elections take shape.

In that same live broadcast, he promised more interventions for infrastructure and other issues of canceling licensure exams introduced by the current administration.

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“One of the things we are going to do is that in designing any school at the basic level or at the secondary level, that design must include accommodation for teachers. So that when teachers are posted to a school, they don’t have to live in an adjoining town and have to take transport to go to and from work.

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The promises appear premised on how he would run his government, as Mahama says he would lead a leaner government of few ministers if elected as president. The current administration has been criticised for its bloated size of government appointees.

“One thing I promise you is a leaner government. We’ll have fewer ministers, cut government expenditure, so that any savings we make we can use it to better the lives of our hardworking teachers and other professionals.”

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