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Mask Heights Takes Ghana to New Heights with Dazzling Launch Event

Accra, Ghana:   MASK Heights, Ghana’s first full-time commercial Hot Air Balloon operator officially launched during the Christmas festive season and Beyond the Return celebrations across Ghana, taking national tourism to new heights.

Being Ghana’s first full-time commercial hot air balloon operator, it will provide tourists and local visitors with a spectacular and breath-taking bird’s-eye view of picturesque areas of the country, its beautiful landscapes, and attractions, for truly unique adventures and experiences.

With Ghana’s tourism industry gradually clawing its way back from the effects of COVID-19, MASK Heights is offering Ghanaians and visitors a different way to see the country and giving a different experience to those keen to get out and about again- aerial tourism. Ghana boasts a rich network of historical landmarks, cultural attractions, national parks, and reserves, and the company believes that it is important to identify alternative tourist routes and help to transform the tourism sector across Ghana and West Africa.

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West African tourism possesses the buoyancy and potential to earn 200 million dollars, according to forecast from global consultancies.  Therefore, in order to fully tap into this underrated market and fully grasp its investment potential, there is the need to  further expand tourism options beyond the usual main activities and attractions. MASK’s vision is to provide a truly unique experience to new and returning visitors, school children interested in exploring the country as well as the general population.

The balloon ride industry has generally grown alongside the sports and leisure industry and its growth in recent years, has also been due to the general public’s unquenchable desire for adventures.   Committed to the highest standards of safety, professionalism and customer service, MASK Heights’ business goal is to become the leading hot air balloon operator in West Africa.

“The  tourism  industry  needs  to address some of the infrastructure gaps within the sector, and we believe that aerial tourism will position the country at the forefront of innovative eco-tourism and creating an enabling environment,  which  will  include  supporting  a  skilled  workforce,  and  fostering  new  job opportunities, training and formation of West African trained pilot officers, also encouraging more women in STEM to explore piloting as a future career,” said Nia  Arthur, Director  of  Operations for the company.

MASK Heights will also partner with existing resorts and other tourism institutions who welcome a consistent influx of tourists and local visitors throughout the year, to provide them with truly unique adventures and experiences and strengthening Ghana’s position on the global market as the destination for unforgettable and unique travelers’ expeditions.

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