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Misunderstanding with Praye Tenten was the Cause of Our Separation- Praye Tiatia

Praye Tiatia cited a misunderstanding with Praye Tenten as the cause of the group's break up.

Steven Fiawoo, also known as Praye Tiatia who is one-third of the defunct Ghanaian music group, Praye, has disclosed the reason for the group’s separation.

Speaking on the recent episode of D-Black’s UNKUT show, Praye Tiatia opened up about the internal issues that led to the separation of the group. He cited a misunderstanding with Praye Tenten as the cause of the group’s break up.

According to Praye Tiatia, Praye Tenten was working on an album with another artiste without the group’s knowledge.

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When they confronted him about the issue, a misunderstanding ensued and he (Praye Tenten) decided to part ways with the group.

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Praye Tiatia revealed that Praye Ho-ne-ho then also decided to exit from the group because he did not agree with Praye Tenten for his actions. This, he said, was the cause of the split up.

“He ( Praye Tenten) was doing some project with somebody we did not know  and somebody saw him and told us. I think they were recording an album or so and when we called him and to ask about it, the answer he gave was not cool and he was like if you guys don’t understand then ok. Praye Ho-ne-ho also said if you do not understand then I do not want to work with you again. And I was sitting there,  me and him (Praye Ho-ne-ho) were on one side so he left and I followed suit and he moved out and that was it,” he narrated.

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He explained that contrary to rumours, the group did not break up because of money.

“It was not about money because if it is ₵100,000, we know how to share it. You cannot go for a show, get money and you will take more than me, it was our egos,” he added.

The Legendary hiplife trio, made up of Praye Tenten,  Praye Tiatia and Praye Ho-ne-ho, gained popularity after winning the maiden Nescafe’s African Revelation competitions in 2004 and was breaking bounds in the industry years after that.

The music trio was famous for back-to-back hits in the early 2000s. Some of their hit songs include; ‘Angelina’, ‘Kakyere Me’, ‘Jacket’, and I and my shoddy are one, amongst others.

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