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Mixing Business with Pleasure: Whatever You Do, Do Not Date Your Co-Worker

Whatever the reason might be, the workplace should be the last place you look for a significant other. We offer you five reasons why it wouldn’t be ideal to get into a relationship with your co-worker.

Navigating the dating scene as an adult or young adult can be difficult; you may not know where to go to meet potential partners, or just can’t seem to get a hang of the whole dating thing. Whatever the reason might be, the workplace should be the last place you look for a significant other, trust me.

These are 5 reasons why it wouldn’t be ideal to get into a relationship with your co-worker.

1. It interrupts work life balance

This is the golden rule no matter what field you’re in: don’t mix business with pleasure. You may think you can separate the two, but this is often not the case. Your significant other is someone you’re supposed to feel comfortable confiding in and be able to go to in your times of need; imagine putting that pressure on them at home AND at work; I mean if you can’t tell them how annoying Krissy was at work then what can you tell them?

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What about If you get into a lovers quarrel and the petty game of ‘The Silent Treatment’ is intensifying? Does that carry on into the office? Will you break your winning streak to tell them that the boss wants the proposal on this desk at the end of the day, or will you send another employee to deliver the message? This should not be a situation that anyone willingly would put themselves into.

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2. It can interfere with your work performance

We all know how strong our emotions can get in relationships, and it is scientifically proven that it can lead to clouded judgment. Maintaining a job is hard enough, try adding the responsibility of making sure you’re adding to the overall happiness of your significant other at home and at the workplace; you might think you’ll be able to turn on and off your feelings, but once you see the face of someone you love and care about it naturally elicits emotions (we’re loving creatures).

You don’t want to risk losing your job by catering to the needs of your significant other at work. If trouble arises, you won’t be able to focus or give 100% to your work. It’ll be like a constant game of tug-of-war between your job and your partner.

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3. You will become the topic of conversation in the office 

Workplace gossip is one of the most annoying things to deal with, don’t add fuel to that fire and have your relationship become a topic of discussion. You might not think it’s happening (if they do it right) but trust me, it is. Eyes will constantly be on the both of you and questions about your relationship will float on the lips of those nosey co-workers, and who wants that? Not only that, but it will change the perception of you to your co-workers, you’ll become known for dating your partner. You want to be known for your hard work and not who you’re dating.

4. You’ll get sick of them

Don’t get me wrong, we all love seeing our significant other and being drowned in love and affection, but having space is healthy in any relationship. Imagine this: you wake up next to them, get ready together, eat breakfast together, and then you head off to work… only to see them again for however many hours. That face becomes less and less appealing. Being around someone for almost 24/ hours 7 days a week would be exhausting and would even take the excitement and romance out of a relationship. Like geeze let me miss you!

5. What happens when you break up?

I think this might be one of the biggest reasons why I would personally never subject myself to the torment of dating a coworker. I mean how AWKWARD would it be to see your ex every day at work? Especially if it ends sour. Think about how unbearable going to work would be and how distracted you would become.

You would suddenly start paying extra attention to them and watching who they talk to or to see if they’re devastated and no one needs that kind of stomach-quenching stress. Even if it doesn’t end badly, it would still be an uncomfortable position to put yourself in.

Sure life happens, but we are in full control of what we choose to allow into our lives, and the stress of dating a coworker is one that we shouldn’t allow. Those are my 5 reasons why potentially dating a coworker would not be the best idea.

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