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New Creative Arts Chamber to Boost Arts in Ghana



10th June, 2020

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The Creative Arts Industry is by far one of the most popular industry across the world. The industry creates lots of opportunities and unearth talents, not to talk about the income it generates, the recognition and the fame.

All over the world, most countries takes the industry very serious as if their economy depends on it. They think industry business and breaks frontiers. This makes the industry receive investment, support, partnerships etc in a well-structured and coordinated environment.

However in Ghana, the story is different; our industry has come a long way, and discussions followed shows that we have a long way to go. It has been observed with keen interest that our industry has no clear cut vision, no structure, no structured welfare services, associations trying to outweigh each other, no business think tanks, no B2Bs, no investment plans, no development plan, no pension plan, no recognition, too much government interventions especially after change of government etc.

Mr. Philip Amanor is the president of the Creative Arts Chamber.

The challenges in the industry have created some difficulties to our media stations; hence foreign content becomes the next option. No one can blame the local TV and radio stations for showing or playing foreign contents. This is because those who want stations to play or show local content don’t pay their bills, staff and taxes for them to “order” them to show Ghanaian contents. If Ghanaian contents are not attractive, how can it get partners or sponsors on their respective air time. They pay as equal utility bills and taxes as any other private organization.

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At this point, we are happy to introduce to you… CREATIVE ARTS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY. This is definitely a one stop shop for industry players. Just like any other reason why chamber of commerce and industry are set up. It is coming at the right time, where covid 19 is challenging the industry. The Chamber is fully registered organization, ready to bring back industry joy.

The chamber is already working on the following: Creative Arts and Tourism Bank, connect our chamber to other chambers across the world for business partnerships, CACCI Club 100 (Prestige and Distinguished industry players only), promotions and publicity for our members, digitally driven, Programs, structures, vision, business advisory, business opportunities, advisory board, international partnerships, think tanks, policy influence, welfare structure, B2Bs opportunities and strategies, investment roadshow plans, trainings, pension structured plan, contract representatives, legal representatives, arts meet money strategies, online advantage, strong leadership with executives elected by members and appointed, constitutions, independent chamber, connect like-minded abroad, award scheme and many more benefits if you become a member. This is because, to us the chamber means business.

We hope to officially launch the chamber in one of the coming months. We shall communicate same when the office become fully functional. Membership criteria, how to join, who qualifies, benefits etc will be communicated soon. All stakeholders are more than welcome to come onboard to make history and be part of building this BIG PICTURE. Areas to touch are: film, music, tourism, production, studios, culture, entertainment, business, fashion and many more.

Industry experts or players who wish to come onboard or hold up various positions, based on their experience should please contact us; as we prepare to take off.

Thank you and God bless

Creative Arts and Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (CACCI)

Phone: 0245303899

Email: [email protected]

Location: North Legon, Accra.

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