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Stop Insulting Ledzorkuku Constituents for Voting Me Out- Okoe Boye Warns

Member of Parliament for Ledzokuku,  Dr. Okoe Boye, has asked members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to be circumspect in their reactions to his loss of the Ledzokuku seat after the December 7 elections.

Dr. Oko Boye’s reaction comes after a Facebook comment by the Deputy MASLOC, Afia Akoto said voting out Okoe Boye is proof of backward behavior by the people of Ledzokuku.

In a Facebook post reacting to the comments borne out of pain of he losing the seat, Dr. Okoe Boye said it’s imperative that members of the NPP keep cool heads with regards to his loss of the seat.

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He indicated that they are his people and regardless of losing the seat, he is committed to en “I have read some news in the media that seek to draw attention to some unsavory comments from friends within NPP, towards my Ledzokuku folks. I would like to urge all, who feel pained by my inability to retain the seat , to exercise restraint when it comes to expr

“It is ok to be disappointed in the results but no need to be despondent. It is ok to be sad momentarily but no need to be sour. These are my people and I am their son. I am committed to making the world a better place and that commitment will remain sure with or without anticipated support from my own. When the game gets tough, the best way out is to lace your boots and not to be so occupied with the attitude of your opponent. The reason for the season remains JESUS”.

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