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On FAMEYE and Finding Purpose Through Music

In January 2023, Fameye shared a video across his social media signaling a reclamation of self, captioned “When you find yourself, embrace him.” A journey he was already pursuing. But what exactly does finding oneself mean? 

Months before the release of his sophomore album “Songs of Peter,” Fameye had undergone an apparent rebrand, taking fans through the process of developing – from the “Nothing I Get” Fameye to the “Thank you” Peter, with significant change and adoption of more vibrant and consistent brand colors, style of imagery and messaging he incorporates in his music. 

Fameye, born Peter Famiyeh Bozah is an example of an artistic awakening.  

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In the intro of “Songs of Peter,” he boldly proclaims that “the message is important,” a shift in direction from trying to be a superstar and gain mass acclaim to staying true to oneself and serving a purpose. Everything Fameye has released thus (from 2022 till date) feels like a man on a mission. There is a reasoning and a will to it, like being descended upon by the heavens; Saul after becoming Paul; like Gautama attaining the Bodhi. A divine journey that only he, Fameye, is fit to undertake. 

Is Peter leading a new wave of enlightenment? The string of thought, the topics covered; of survival, appellation, and great reverence, knowing your place in this world and going after only that – is awe-inspiring. On Thank you, Fameye gives great reverence to the creator in spite of life. This messaging and its delivery, especially in a setting where you feel overpowered and not in charge of your destiny is angelic, in the way it comforts and uplifts while urging you on. What is more interesting is you get all the motivation and encouragement to keep on without any of the commitment that religious affiliations might demand of you.

On Questions which he releases almost a year after “Songs of Peter”, Peter queries life in the most earnest way, he delves into the minds of his listeners to answer a burning question about life, death, and purpose within the span of one’s existence. Fameye’s answers like those of philosophers of the past, assess both sides of the paradox and leave judgment to the listener who is the ultimate custodian of his thoughts. By bringing forth these questions, we not only assess various schools of thought but gain a solemnity and reverence for God, the only one with these answers. Peter does not play God, he gives the wretched a reason to go to the creator without necessarily subscribing to the tenets of the Christian church, making himself the vessel. 

Is there any difference between Peter now and Fameye then? The difference is subtle but significant. Peter is focused on the tasks ahead; the message has barely changed. Fameye has always been known for his great music and excellent writing, what he has added is a desperation to get his message across as best without over-compromising. Fameye, like Black Sherif, excels in giving hope to the hopeless. With artists of this kind, in appealing to the marginalized few, they appeal to the whole. Those who are hooked are hooked for life because where else are you going to find hope, reflection, spirituality, and a sense of purpose in any one person?

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