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Police, Judges should experience jail as part of training – Justice Yoni Kulendi

Justice Emmanuel Yoni Kulendi of the Supreme Court has proposed that players in the justice system be required to experience prison as part of their training.

According to him, the experience will most likely influence the attitudes of these justice system players when it comes to carrying out their responsibilities toward persons who break the law.

Speaking at a sensitization workshop on the Ghana Case Tracking System (CTS) on Thursday, August 12, he said,  “I think if anyone is going to play a role in the criminal justice system, in the cause of their training, the system should have some orchestrated built-in process that will cook up their running into problems with the law”.

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The CTS is software that collects, collates, and harmonizes data from the time a suspect is arrested to the time judgment is delivered.

Answering a question “If you’re a policeman, you are put into a cell for 48hours then after, when you’re managing others, your disposition to the people who come here will be different. It will change”.

A cross-section of participants at the workshop

Admitting that judges assess and decide cases based on their interpretation or misinterpretation of the law, he believes that the prison experience should be extended to them as well.

“The same goes for the judge or magistrate that in the cause of the training, we should orchestrate a system where you get remanded and put into prison for one week. When you come back, the first thing you will appreciate is that the custodial facilities were not meant as a marketplace and so it is not meant for everyone who visits the police station or court,” he noted.

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