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Power Struggle in Actors Guild is killing the Film industry – Fred Amugi Discloses

The film industry in Ghana lacks a united front and is riddled with power play and unnecessary politics.

Veteran Ghanaian actor, Fred Amugi, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the Actors Guild over the ongoing litigation over the leadership of the Guild of Ghana, which is impeding the growth of the film industry.

Fred Amugi, speaking in an interview with Graphic Showbiz on Monday, May 20, 2024, said the death of Reverend Eddie Coffie, President of the guild, in 2016, elections for new executives have been in limbo, denying the guild the chance to manage industry affairs and seek the well-being of actors.

Amugi stated that the absence of functional and effective leadership to steer the sector’s affairs had slowed things down for the industry.

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“The film industry is like any other business. It has its ups and downs. However, for the past few years, it’s been having issues of power struggles and conflicts, especially within the Ghana Actors Guild. This has led to a decline in productivity and quality because what’s being produced is not checked,” he said.

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He asserts that the DStv platform has helped Ghanaian films by airing them, but that Nigerian films are more successful because they are available on streaming services that require a subscription.

“We’re lucky to have Akwaaba Magic on DStv, which has provided a platform for our films. They’ve been supportive and willing to work with us, and the films they show are good. If we keep making good films, we’ll benefit from their support. Unfortunately, Nigeria’s film industry is ahead of ours. They have more opportunities with subscription-based streaming services such as Netflix, and we need to work together to catch up,” he stated.

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Mr. Amugi also expressed his worries regarding the industry’s lack of cooperation, which he feels impedes the creation of superior films that can successfully compete globally.

“The film industry in Ghana needs unity. Currently, everyone is working alone because they’re afraid of being copied. The truth, however, is that no matter how much we know, someone else always knows more. If we work together in unity, we could make great films that showcase our different talents and perspectives,” he said.

Fred Nii Amugi is a Ghanaian actor best known for his performances in “Holby City”, “Beasts of No Nation”, and “The Cursed Ones”, amongst others. He rose to prominence with his role in the 1985 television series “Opinto.”

He also worked in the civil service for thirty-three years and served as acting director of Supply in Ghana’s Ministry of Finance.

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