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Powering Progress: Why Ghana Needs More MDs like Samuel Dubik Masubir Mahama of ECG

Samuel Dubik Masubir Mahama, Managing Director of ECG, leads efforts to tackle outstanding electricity bills, including disconnections for defaulters like Accra Academy and Parliament. His leadership reflects a shift to business-minded operations, prioritizing efficiency and accountability, crucial for Ghana's energy sector's progress and sustainability.

Samuel Dubik Masubir Mahama, the Managing Director of ECG, continues to spearhead efforts to address outstanding electricity bills through a multifaceted approach, including naming and shaming defaulters. He recently took on institutions like Accra Academy and Parliament, with power disconnection over presumed outstanding GH₵.40m and GH₵23m ECG debt, respectively. These actions are part of the ongoing initiative to recover various customers’ unpaid debts.

Mahama’s leadership in implementing these initiatives reflects a strategic shift toward business-minded operations within the ECG. With a background spanning both the private and public sectors, including extensive experience in the energy industry, Mahama brings a wealth of expertise to his role as Managing Director.

Under his stewardship, the ECG is transitioning towards best practices observed in progressive societies, prioritizing operational efficiency and financial sustainability. Mahama’s proactive approach to revenue mobilization underscores the importance of decisive leadership in addressing systemic challenges and driving positive change.

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As the ECG continues its nationwide revenue mobilization exercise, supported by regulatory frameworks and technological innovations, Mahama’s leadership is hopeful for Ghana’s energy sector. By holding defaulters accountable and fostering a culture of compliance, the company is poised to enhance service delivery and contribute to the nation’s development agenda.

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As Ghana strives to overcome revenue collection and service provision challenges, leaders like Mahama are crucial in steering the nation towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Background: Samuel Dubik Masubir Mahama

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Samuel Dubik Masubir Mahama is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in law, business, and energy sectors. He holds a Political Science and Sociology degree from the University of Ghana and pursued further studies in law at the Ghana School of Law.

With over 12 years of executive experience, he has worked in the private and public sectors, including roles at the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC) and as a board member of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG). Mahama’s extensive experience in the energy sector includes consulting for local firms and collaborating with international companies such as Bridgewell Resources LLC, Gulf South Forest Products, and Elsewedy Electricals.


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