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Prince Harry to Receive £300,000 in Damages in Phone-Hacking Case with Mirror Group

In December the duke was awarded £140,600 in damages after winning 15 claims against MGN. Friday's settlement relates to claims on 115 more stories.

The Duke of Sussex has settled his remaining phone hacking claims against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN).

The publishers will pay all of Prince Harry’s legal costs, plus around £300,000 extra in damages, sources say.

The settlement – relating to claims of unlawful intrusion on 115 stories – marks the end of a four-year-battle between the prince and the publisher.

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Speaking outside the High Court on the prince’s behalf, lawyer David Sherborne said: “Our mission continues.”

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The barrister also criticised former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan whom, he said, “as editor, knew perfectly well what was going on”.

The 115 stories were published between 1996 and 2010 – and Prince Harry spent two days in court last June being grilled about his claims that the information could only have been obtained in unlawful ways.

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The court then ruled in December that there was evidence of “widespread and habitual” use of phone hacking at the group.

Mr Morgan, who was editor of the paper between 1995 and 2004, has repeatedly denied any knowledge of any attempts by newspaper staff to hack phones. As he has not been employed by MGN for 20 years, he is not personally liable for any of the claims and did not play any part in the court proceedings.

In a statement posted on X, he said: “I totally agree with Prince Harry that ruthless intrusion into the private lives of the royal family for financial gain is utterly reprehensible… and I hope he stops doing it.”

Meanwhile the judge, Mr Justice Fancourt, criticised the “extremely confrontational way” the two sides had approached this legal battle.

In December the duke was awarded £140,600 in damages after winning 15 claims against MGN. Friday’s settlement relates to claims on 115 more stories.

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