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Quack Surveyors: Calls Renew for Regulatory Framework to Safeguard Sector

Despite how key their services are, surveyors operate within a regulatory vacuum. Without a robust regulatory framework, the profession is susceptible to malpractices, including erroneous surveys, boundary disputes, and ethical lapses. Such occurrences not only undermine the credibility of surveyors but also pose risks to public safety and the integrity of land records.

The Federation of Ghana Institution of Surveyors is pushing for a regulatory framework that will properly guide the work of its members and also help address the menace of quack surveyors.

For the institution, this comes as an urgent need to finetune a comprehensive regulatory framework that will serve as a safeguard against malfeasance, ensuring that surveyors adhere to prescribed standards of practice.

The institution also emphasized the important role of surveyors in defining boundaries, mapping landscapes, and verifying the structural integrity of buildings hence the need for the government to heed their demands.

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In an interview at its annual conference, the President of the Federation of Surveyors, Alhaji Daud Sulemana Mahama reiterated calls for a regulatory framework indicating that it will properly guide their work.

He further explained that the absence of a state regulatory law that guides surveying leads to many landowners usually falling victim to the activities of unqualified and uncertified surveyors, a situation which often leads to land litigation and disputes.

“In Ghana, we don’t have an overarching law that sort of regulatory surveillance, and that is a significant disadvantage the country has,” he said. “We have been championing the need for regulation of the industry, such that surveyors are properly regulated and licensed by a state agency so that if there are infractions, they can be held accountable. If you are not properly trained as a surveyor, do not practice as one.”

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