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Rats Gone High: New Orleans Police Say Rats Can’t Stop Eating Marijuana Evidence at Its Infested Building

Rats have invaded confiscated marijuana at the New Orleans’ aging police headquarters, consuming the evidence amid the building’s deterioration, including mold and cockroach infestations, disclosed the city’s police chief.

Police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick informed members of the New Orleans City Council that rats, under the influence of marijuana, have indulged in the confiscated stash, rendering them “high.”

“The rats are eating our marijuana. They’re all high,” she is quoted by the Associated Press to have said.

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Describing a situation of vermin infestations and decay within the offices utilized by New Orleans police since 1968, Kirkpatrick revealed instances of rat droppings discovered even on officers’ desks.

City officials say they are taking measures to relocate the department to a new facility, a priority of the police chief since assuming office in October.

Kirkpatrick highlighted the challenges faced by her 910 officers, who encounter broken air-conditioning and elevators upon arrival at work. She told council members that these conditions not only demoralize staff but also deter potential recruits attending interviews.

“The uncleanliness is beyond measure,” Kirkpatrick said, commending the department’s janitorial staff for their efforts in attempting to clean what she described as “uncleanable.”

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The city council is considering a proposal to allocate $7.6 million for a 10-year lease to temporarily relocate the police headquarters to two floors in a downtown high-rise building.

The council’s Criminal Justice Committee endorsed the leasing proposal on Monday, advancing it to the full City Council for approval, as reported by The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate.

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