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Reggae Icon Buju Banton Returns to the United States After Six Years of Deportation

“Long was the road Many were the travels But the journey of a 1000 miles begin with a single step Miami si mi ya”

Born Mark Myrie, Banton (Buju Banton) confirmed his return to Miami after 15 years in a video shared by DJ Khaled expressing gratitude for a journey that has been punctuated by both triumphs and tribulations.

Buju posted on his social media pictures of his return to Miami with the caption,

“Long was the road
Many were the travels
But the journey of a 1000 miles begin with a single step
Miami si mi ya”

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In a heartfelt video message, Khaled exclaimed, “This is real-time, bless up to the love to everybody worldwide, sending nothing but love and good energy.”

Reflecting on the reunion, Khaled expressed more gratitude for the opportunity to reconnect with his longtime friend and collaborator.

“I haven’t seen my brother here in Miami. I am so blessed. It’s been about 15 years since we’ve seen him in Miami or what we call the United States. Buju Banton, welcome back to your second home,” Khaled declared, echoing the sentiments of countless fans across the nation.


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In response to the overwhelming support on Khaled’s Instagram Live, Banton expressed his gratitude to his fans and supporters scattered across the United States.

“I wanna send much love to all my fans out there in the other states,” he remarked, reaffirming his unwavering commitment to his craft and his audience. “The Gargamel is back,” he declared, invoking his revered moniker with pride and conviction.

Khaled took a moment to reflect on their shared journey.

“Buju, I had to share this. You just touched down and I love you and appreciate what you did for me at the beginning of my career,” he expressed, highlighting the profound impact Banton has had on his own musical evolution.

In December 2018, the Jamaican dancehall singer and reggae icon was released from federal prison after serving seven years behind bars. Initially sentenced to 10 years for illegal possession of a firearm and conspiracy to possess cocaine, his sentence was reduced after a judge overturned the gun charge. Upon his release, Banton was warmly welcomed back to Jamaica by throngs of fans, eager to see the return of a beloved artist.

In April, Buju Banton’s son, Miles Myrie, tragically passed away at the age of 20. While details surrounding his death remain undisclosed, Jahazeil described Miles as a positive and motivational individual. Miles, who was living in the United States at the time of his passing, had aspirations of becoming a rapper despite initially wanting to be a judge when he was younger.



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