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Saturday Morning Hangover Blues: Automatic or Automated

June is here again. And the rains will come. Already some isolated cases of flooding have been reported in some parts of the Republic's capital. Every time the rains come for the past...I can't remember, we'll do this, we'll do that.

Last time, there was an alcohol-induced argument between Willie and Kobby. What was it? The difference between automated and automatic. And it was a sight to behold! Rasta and Yours Truly were just watching without interfering because:

  • These were the area gurus in the English language. Learn from the feet of the sages was our watchword.
  • We needed some entertainment as Wofa K’s was in ‘light off’. Not dumsor. Courtesy the lap dancing Air Seller’s definition.

But is dumsor in the real sense of Ghanaian parlance not power going off and on with an inconsistent frequency without warning or schedule?

Sorry, back to the debate on automated and automatic. Rasta’s blue in this regard is that the word auto can be explained as the short form of automobile which simply means a car.

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So wouldn’t it be tautegorical to refer to a car as an automatic car? And wouldn’t it be like saying automatic automobile?

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Ibi Ghana we dey!

Sometimes, Yours Truly wonders if campaign messages are planned or delivered just to please the audience present. Little Dramani is heard saying he would legitimize okada if he gets elected as president. This, in the Republic’s law scrolls, is illegal. So he wants to legitimize an illegality? I wonder if he’s ever enjoyed or endured their services.

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And to cap it, he says most motorbikers are thieves. Confusing but…….

Ibi Ghana we dey!!

Make we shine our eyes ooo… road tolls are returning as soon as Walewale Adam Smith is elected as President. That is.

This as chief economic manager of the Republic, where was he when it was decided that the road tolls should be scrapped?
Listening to his campaign messages on scrapping policies and taxes that he partook in if the steer is given to him, makes Rasta come up with two conclusions:

Either he was indeed just a driver’s mate enjoying the ride for free and had no hand in the decision-making of the Republic or he’s a very experienced backstabbing liar. Suro nipa!

Ahh well, ibi Ghana we dey!!

This Republic of our death will not lack heady and confusing stories in the months to come.
Sixty percent shares of our hotel in the capital by the Atlantic is being sold out to the Joseph of our day. Meanwhile, the beachfront has already been grabbed by the Chairman’s son. And somebody tells me the hotel is posting losses?

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

Koo Dame is trying fervently to extricate himself from the allegations made against him but since the matter is before the Wiggy Red Robbed Supremos of the Republic, it’ll be wise to avoid contempt of court by not talking about it. We don’t want to hazard the situation of being the next in line for contempt. So, sshhhh!

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

The letter ‘e’ has become so prominent in the Republic’s governance that one begins to wonder what this letter means to Walewale Adam Smith. E- this, E- that!
The latest are e-gates and e-buses. Very soon, we might be having e-food. Already the wallet is affected by e-levy, so the ‘e’ in the e-food will simply mean empty food.

Ibi Ghana we dey!!

June is here again. And the rains will come. Already some isolated cases of flooding have been reported in some parts of the Republic’s capital. Every time the rains come for the past…I can’t remember, we’ll do this, we’ll do that. Come the following year it happens again. As for dredging, it’s somebody’s cocoa season.
So, are we just happy that it’s an annual event? And who suffers when the floods come?

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

We were in this Republic when the Honourable Kill Son was wielding a pistol at a polling station in her constituency. No arrest, no penalties by the authorities.

Today, her opponent has brought a pump action gun. Tomorrow, someone else will bring an RPG. Then the next person will bring Tomahawk or Stinger missiles.
Reports indicate that the Kill Son’s suffered some injuries in a scuffle in the constituency. Sorry for him.

But the mother should remember that ‘when you throw bad medicine, some touches your mouth’. Please, translate it into Twi and you’ll gerrit.

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

Hard as it may be, we should begin to tell the truth to the authorities. The Wi-Fi in the schools are not working. Simple. Go to the nearest school in your community and see for yourself.

And please tell the Honourable Adutwum that he should come clear and clean on the Thomas Musa 1 laptop. If those who haven’t got will not get it, let them know and refund the money. Rasta is preparing to go to court!!!

Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

Okay, let’s not bother further with the wahala of this Republic but before we go, let’s go back to the automatic and automated issue.

They say the meaning of automated is a situation where machines do the work of humans. So, if ATM means automated teller machine, wouldn’t it be tautegorical?
The machine is doing the work of the Teller, so why not call it automated teller but automated teller machine?

Well, let’s leave it for the English scholars to tell us. Let’s concentrate our energies on the plenty wahala in the Republic.

Have a good hangover morning and a lovely weekend celebrating the king of highlife, Dada Amakye Dede for being honoured for his lifetime achievement in Ghanaian music.


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