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Saturday Morning Hangover Blues: If you Don’t Get it…

Please tell Walewale Adam Smith to stop worrying us with that imaginary steering wheel. You created a concept of you being a mate to a driver.

Achieving hangovers these days is becoming more difficult as the days go by. But Rasta being a board member at Wofa K’s joint gives Yours Truly some leeway to imbibe a few shots of undiluted ɖɛkélé to have some blues.

Ibi Ghana we dey!

It’s said that two heads are better than one. No be so? But have we considered Rasta’s question that, can two foolish heads be better than one wise head?
If you think so, then why worry about a 12-member board not being able to run the hotels for SSNIT and then selling them to a two-member board company?

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Ah well, ibi Ghana we dey!!

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We’ve heard and it’s a headache that every citizen owes about 19,000 as of today. So when you want to clear yourself, who do you pay to? The people who went for the loan on our behalf? Abeg, those who went for it must pay. They enjoy the so-called Article 71 positions.

We’ve been busy working and paying taxes saaa…….even the little in our wallet too is being taxed! And what do we see on the ground?

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Ibi Ghana we dey!!!

And when we talk, we are labelled as if we’re incapable of thinking for ourselves. Roads are bad, hospitals have bed shortages, children are still under trees or lying on the floor to learn in schools and still we’re being taxed. To top it off, we even owe.

Please, if any of the agenda 111 hospitals or the 1D1F has reached your town, let us know wai…so we can protect My President’s legacy.

Abi, ibi Ghana we dey!!!

Little Dramani also won’t give us some peace of ear. A new city? He should go and ask Babangida how he was able to build Abuja.

Ibi Ghana we dey abi?

Let’s ask ooo…. what is the vision 2057 about? All we know is to create a vision and dump it on shelves in some office and it ends there.
What happened to Vision 2020? We’re in depths of debt than ever!

Ibi Ghana we!!!

And the Honourable lap dancing Air Seller says we’re going 5G. That’s ok. Let’s celebrate. After all, the good book says we should celebrate small achievements. But please note that as for the yam phones, we will use them until they stop producing them.

Ibi Ghana we dey!

Please tell Walewale Adam Smith to stop worrying us with that imaginary steering wheel. You created a concept of you being a mate to a driver. If you want the steer go talk to your boss who’s about to retire to keep recommending you to us the car owners.

We are only concerned about the thumb printing exercise that the queen of Jeans and her roundtable of Knights are going to organize. All we need is a trusted mechanic to repair the badly damaged vehicle. We may even thumbprint for the one who will bring the sea to Kumasi.

But ibi Ghana we dey, let them spray money and you’ll see abrupt decision making.

Have a pleasant hangover this morning and a lovely weekend while thinking about the 19,000 that you owe. If don’t gerrit…….


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