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Single at 30+ Very Depressing, Says Kenyan Woman

Patricia Muregi Mbogo, a Kenyan woman, contrary to popular perception, has expressed her belief that single women in their 30s are not truly content with themselves.

Expressing her sentiments on Facebook she said women who pretend to be independent and living life to the fullest are the ones who cry themselves to sleep and secretly pray to God to bless them with a man.

“They may use their freedom as an excuse, but behind closed doors, they often pray for a partner to come into their lives,” she said.

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According to her, “no single woman in her 30s is happy being single, no matter how much she may pretend to be. All that talk about living life to the fullest and having their freedom is coping. In reality they cry themselves to sleep and pray for God to give them a man. They wish they had a man to keep them warm and safe at night at night”.

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Patricia Muregi Mbogo disclosed that “the happiest day for a woman is when she is under male authority.  Any woman who is 30+ and not married is sad and depressed. If she can’t find a man, she becomes frustrated and starts hating men. That’s where her feminist self kicked in”.

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