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South Africa: Thousands Show up to EFF’s Final Rally as South Africa Gears Up for Crucial Vote

As South Africa prepares for a crucial election on May 29, 2024, thousands of EFF supporters gathered for the party's final election rally in Polokwane.

Thousands of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) converged at a stadium in Polokwane, South Africa, for the party’s final election rally, as the country prepares to head to the polls on Wednesday.

As South Africa stands at a crossroads, its four main political parties have concluded their campaigns, paving the way for a landmark election that could redefine the country’s trajectory, 30 years after its transition to democracy.

Julius Malema, the outspoken leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), expressed his gratitude to his devoted supporters for their unrelenting support, declaring the party’s campaign a resounding success.

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“I am here to conclude the campaign of the EFF. I am here to say to you, we have run a good race. We are here today because we ran a very successful campaign. The ground forces of the EFF have made everybody aware that there is a child called the EFF, who must be allowed to lead,” Mr. Malema said

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South Africa continues to grapple with challenges of unemployment and poverty, with a staggering 32% unemployment rate – one of the highest in the country’s history- and over half of the population struggles to make ends meet, living in poverty.

“Now, the people of South Africa must decide if they want unemployment. They must decide if they want load-shedding. They must decide if they want to remain landless. The people of South Africa, it is now in your hands. We live here very proud that we did everything to make our generation very proud,” he said.

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The election began with a special voting on Friday, May 17 at nine South African missions abroad. This will be followed by the main election on May 29th across all provinces, determining the composition of both national and provincial legislatures.

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