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The PlayGhana Agenda will Fail if Artistes Keep Disrespecting Us – Ghanaian DJs

Ghanaian Disc jockeys (DJs) have voiced their disapproval at the disrespectful behaviour of artistes towards them during a meeting organised by the Creative Arts Agency (CAA).

The meeting, facilitated by the Executive Secretary of CAA, Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, was meant to establish a discourse with DJs about their role in the PlayGhana initiative and the effect of the Broadcasting Bill Amendment on their craft.

According to the DJs, the PlayGhana Initiative will not be successful until they are accorded maximum respect from artistes in the Ghanaian music industry.

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Some of the DJs also used the opportunity to air out their grievances concerning how they are usually sidelined and disrespected by artistes after helping them reach the limelight.

“There are many musicians that you help to get to the top but they turn you down with protocols and unnecessary excuses when you even need a favour in return. How do you expect me to use my platform to promote your music to get you there only for you to turn around to disrespect me when you are a big artiste?” Said AD DJ.

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However, Andy Dosty of HitzFM said the PlayGhana initiative can come to fruition if only the DJs are committed to their roles in addition to implementing strong policies that will put the initiative in motion.

DJ Black PlayGhana

DJ Black also suggested there should be measures to promote Ghanaian music beyond the country. He also called for more education for players in the music industry to have a better understanding of the PlayGhana agenda.

DJ Slim also stated that one of the main reasons why artists disregarded DJs was because they felt social media influencers were more influential in promoting songs than disc jockeys did.

The PlayGhana initiative was announced by the CAA in December last year to reduce the trend of Nigerian music on Ghanaian airwaves. The agenda was met with backlash from industry players who felt the initiative would not be of great benefit to the Ghanaian music industry.

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