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The Seventh: One Agency’s Mission to Create a Home For Young Christian Talent in Ghana

The Seventh has made its mission to simply to promote Christian talent in Ghana.

The number seven (7) is considered perfection if you’re familiar with Christian vibes. But it’s also what a growing creative start-up in Ghana calls itself – ‘The Seventh,’ a youth-led Christian creative agency that’s breaking ground in somewhat of a new market.

Born last year and founded by Joel Adjin-Tettey, the agency has made its mission to work on everything Christian and not necessarily accommodate talents from all faiths, including secular partners. The focus is simply to promote Christian talent, Joel tells the Accra Times.

“The reason why The Seventh is because we realize that the Christian community doesn’t necessarily have a strong agency that kind of helps put them out there, helps put them on the map. So we came up with it and realized that it would work,” he said.

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They hosted their first-ever event earlier this month at the Eden Bar in Tesano. The programme title, a bit unconventional with Christian events, decided to celebrate young rap and art talents. It quite also dovetailed into an urban Christian culture, which seems to be still evolving since acts like Kingzkid and Cwesi Oteng captivated Christian youths back in 2012.

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That event was intended to show how Christian creatives can have fun, identify their rap community, and draw others closer to God.

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“Arts and Rap is basically an event set out to bring the Christian Rap and Christian Art Community together to kind of have fun, faith, and the vibes and everything. Just to know that there are Christian rap artists out there and you can seek them out, and listen to their music. We are doing God’s work and God’s work is basically salvation and this is another way of salvation,” Joel said.

But despite creating a dedicated niche for itself in the marketing and advertising promotion field, challenges exist with finding the same people it’s building a community for. Locating creative talents who do not perform secular acts is hard, Joel says, as his team faced that challenge while seeking performers for their debut event.

“Honestly speaking, getting the guests for rap in a way was a problem. I was very careful about getting them. Even with the DJ, I checked the social media and then I realized he plays for secular events. At that point I didn’t want to take him because that means we’ve not really set a footprint if you’re a secular person or Christian person,” he said.

Adding further, he says the agency has a strict vision for its target market – that is to promote only Christian talent. “The idea behind the agency is to put the Christians out there. If you end up putting someone who is already in the secular scene, are you really going by your vision?”

Sharing thoughts on growth, Joel says the Seventh hopes to be the “hub where Christian creatives can come and feel at home. They want to be promoted, so they come to us and feel that they are in the Christian space.”

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