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Three Convicted in Major Mahama Murder Intend to Appeal Verdict

Three of 12 persons who were sentenced for the murder of a young soldier, Major Maxwell Mahama say they intend to appeal the verdict.

Their lawyer, Theophilus Kafui Donkor said they have reasonable cause to believe that the judge misdirected the jury, which eventually influenced the guilty verdict.

My clients are not satisfied with the directions that the judge gave to the jury so they have instructed me to appeal the decision on their behalf. They believe strongly that they have a good case in this matter,” Donkor said in an interview with Joy FM.

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He also said they intend to include pending appeals filed during the trial to make a stronger case for themselves in asking another court to review the sentence.

“But the major grounds for the appeal is that the direction that the judge gave the jury was not proper,” Donkor added.

A Captain at the time, Mahama was lynched by residents in Denkyire-Obuasi in 2017 after his identity was mistaken for an armed robber, while on official duty there.

An Assemblyman and 11 other residents accused of the atrocity have been sentenced to prison for life.

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