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Top Six Live Music Performances You Should Watch

We have curated the top six live music performances from artistes who will captivate you with symphonies, and vocals backed by live instrumentals on stage.

There is something magical about hearing a live performance of your favourite songs, where the energy of the audience and the passion of the artiste combine to create an unforgettable moment. In some cases, live performances of songs are even preferred over studio versions by the fans because they just sound better.

We have curated the top six live music performances from artistes who will captivate you with symphonies, and vocals backed by live instrumentals on stage.

Rihanna – Super Bowl LVII Half-Time Show

Fans of Rihanna were ecstatic to see her perform during the Apple Music Super Bowl halftime show, after a long absence from music. The Barbadian singer effortlessly performed some of her greatest hits over 13 minutes while pregnant. Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance received 121.017 million views, making it one of the most-watched halftime performances in 2023.

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Roddy Ricch – The Box (Wireless Festival)

Roddy Ricch performing his 2019 hit single, “The Box” at the Wireless Festival in London, will leave you wanting more of the song. The electrifying band complements the performance with raging instrumentation while the energetic crowd continues to sing word for word. The California rapper impressed the crowd so much with the live rendition of the song that he had to perform the song again.

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Burnaboy – Last Last (Apple Music Live)

Watch Burnaboy, one of Nigeria’s biggest Afrobeat front-runners, serenade the crowd with his popular break-up song, “Last Last,” during his sold-out performance at the historic London stadium. The Grammy-winning singer’s energy and ability to perform live with a band is unparalleled.

Lasmid – Friday Night & Bad Boy (Fullcircl Africa)

Lasmid smoothly performs two of his smash hit singles live with a band. The brilliant twist to this performance is when, the popular “Jingle Bells” is perfectly added as part of the background vocals, whiles Lasmid calmly delivers the chorus of “Friday Night” over the band’s instrumentation. Lasmid concludes the live session with a soulful rendition of “Bad Boy.”


Nico And Vinz – Am I Wrong (Nobel Peace Prize Concert)

Enjoy the Norwegian duo’s live rendition of their hit song “Am I Wrong” at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. The outstanding performance created a surreal moment between the singers and the audience, who admirably sang the chorus of the song.


Kanye West – All Day (Brit Wards 2015)

Kanye West first performed “All Day” at the 2015 Brit Awards, following its initial leak in Aug 2014. The upbeat tempo of the song, comprising drill beats and electronic synthesizers, kept the audience on their feet as they watched him perform the song live. The controversial rapper and producer was also surrounded by a hyper-all-black entourage with flamethrowers, which added to his energetic stage presence.

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