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UNCUT with D-Black. More of the Same, Please

What Uncut does well is that it provides a sense of camaraderie and draws out the guests to share without filter.

There is a mystic to making art that is always great to uncover. Processes vary, the journeys are different, and uncovering your favorite artiste’s journey draws you in even more.

What award-winning artiste and business mogul, Desmond Blackmore, popularly referred to as D-BLACK or the enjoyment minister has done with his new show is taking off the veil, solving the mystery, and in doing so, stripping the industry bare.

Some two years ago, D-Black launched his Enjoyment Radio Live; a welcomed online radio that gives the Ghana music industry a deserved advantage in online content (music, radio shows, podcasts, etc), dedicating 80% of music content to Ghana on the online platform to help push the industry.

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Start of this year, D-Black added to his Enjoyment franchise with Enjoyment Radio Live – Uncut. Uncut takes the format of the now YouTube show: The Shop – Uninterrupted. The Shop is set in a barbering shop and runs commentary on the American (Black) culture. Guests discuss issues surrounding blackness and America in this man cave; a serene and unfiltered environment.


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Enjoyment Radio’s Uncut with D-Black (also on YouTube) does something similar but in a context that is even more inspiring (these conversations are important for the growth of the entertainment industry in Ghana). In its seven episodes so far, it has featured some of the best the country has to offer, from music and its production to comedy, event management, and journalism.

On the show’s very first episode, D-Black brought on longtime friends and industry players Joey B (Singer/Rapper), E.L (Multiple Award winner, Singer, Rapper, Producer), and P.Y Addo (Film Producer and Event Organizer). Any discussion on rap and Hip Life in Ghana without the immense contribution of E.L., Joey B, and D-Black is void.

What Uncut does well is that it provides a sense of camaraderie and draws out the guests to share without filter. The guests share their life stories and how they have developed throughout their artistry. You gain great insights into the making of the Ghanaian music industry. Our music has transitioned through different phases without a proper mechanism or body to control and dictate this growth.

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On Uncut with D-Black, you get a peek into the artiste’s journey and hear backstories on how some of the greatest hits in Ghana came to be. It is nice to know that Kwabena Kwabena was called Prince George when he first came out. Joey B got to feature on Vera because he was D-Black’s neighbor. Don’t forget the banter, there’s lots of it.

The stories are as inspiring as they are refreshing. On the show, artists have spoken freely about the transitions in their musical journey and why at any transitional point, it felt like the right choice. More personal questions about their family and career balance have been tackled somewhat. The discourse on the most popular music genre in Ghana has been debated at length and the jury is still out.

It is Uncut because the conversations are raw and authentic. Topics that artists have never touched on publicly are comfortably discussed with a group of friends in an environment that is just right for that conversation. The conversations don’t sound like PR runs.

What D-Black has here is truly one of a kind. For young artists on the come-up, you must understand the journey, for music enthusiasts, it is always amazing when you hear stories behind your favorite songs. For music nerds and journalists, these are stories about our favorite artists, from our favorite artists.

For the Black Avenue Muzik boss, this is another great product, and more of the same, please.

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