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US Republicans Introduce Bill to Name Virginia’s Dulles Airport After Trump

US House Republicans have introduced a bill to rename the Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia after former President Donald Trump.

The two-page bill, which was introduced by Republican rep Guy Reschenthaler seeks to have the airport’s name changed to the ‘Donald J. Trump International Airport.’

“Freedom. Prosperity. Strength. That’s what America stood for under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump — the best president of my lifetime. And that’s why I’m introducing legislation to rename Dulles as the Donald J. Trump International Airport,” Mr. Reschenthaler wrote on X.

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The Dulles airport is currently named after John Foster Dulles, a former US Secretary of State who served under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower’s administration in the 1950s.

Responding to the news of the proposed legislation, Virginia Democrat Gerry Connolly said a federal prison should be named after Trump instead.

“Donald Trump is facing 91 felony charges. If Republicans want to name something after him, I’d suggest they find a federal prison,” Connolly said in a statement.

For the airport’s name to be changed, the bill would have to pass the GOP-controlled House, which has a thin Republican majority, and the Democratic-controlled Senate. But reading from the opposition from Democrats, it’s unlikely it would pass.

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