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Bawumia Unveils ‘Tap n’ Go’ System for Public Transport in Ghana

Vice President Bawumia introduces Tap n' Go: a revolutionary system for Ghana's public transport. Promising efficiency and transparency, it addresses corruption and streamlines payments, marking a significant step towards a digitalized transportation network.

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative to transform public transportation in Ghana—the Tap n’ Go Transport service. Launched initially with Metro Mass Transit Limited’s Inter-City Services, this innovative system is poised to revolutionize how Ghanaians commute, promising efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

Addressing long-standing challenges plaguing the transport sector, including corruption and lack of transparency, the Tap n’ Go system represents a bold step towards a more digitally empowered transportation system.

Vice President Bawumia hailed the initiative as a pivotal moment in Ghana’s digital journey towards a cashless society, building on the success of previous digitalization efforts in critical sectors such as the Port, DVLA, Passport Office, NHIS, and Registrar General Department.

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The Tap n’ Go system offers a seamless experience for both passengers and operators, with a multi-functional card or mobile app facilitating payment across various modes of transport, from taxis to trotros and even railways. Unlike previous closed-loop systems, Tap n’ Go boasts expansive features tailored to support diverse transportation services, promising integration and convenience.

This inclusive platform aims to alleviate common issues associated with cash transactions, such as delays over fare change and mistrust between drivers, mates, and vehicle owners. The Tap n’ Go system seeks to curb corruption and enhance operational efficiency within the public transport sector by promoting transparency and accountability.

Vice President Bawumia emphasized the transformative potential of Tap n’ Go, envisioning a future where every journey is safe, efficient, and accessible to all. He called on stakeholders to embrace this opportunity and collaborate towards a transportation system that prioritizes the needs of the Ghanaian people.

With the launch of Tap n’ Go for Metro Mass inter-city services, Ghana embarks on a new era of digitalized public transport, where technology catalyzes positive change. As the nation continues to leverage innovation to address societal challenges, Tap n’ Go stands as a testament to Ghana’s commitment to progress and transparency in public service delivery.

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