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Wahu: Locally Manufactured E-Bikes To Transform Urban Transport in Ghana

Accra, a bustling metropolis teeming with vehicles, daily commuters often find themselves ensnared in relentless gridlock, making their journeys to diverse destinations a dreadful experience. However, a ray of hope has emerged, courtesy of Wahu Mobility, a pioneering company dedicated to crafting eco-friendly fleet solutions for both riders and drivers.

In an innovative move, Wahu Mobility has introduced its locally crafted electric bikes, aptly named “Wahu,” which translates to “horse” in Dagbani, a Ghanaian local language. Wahu Mobility started as Mana Mobility in 2022 as a joint venture between Ghanaian entrepreneurs Valerie Labi and Toni Heigl, and German automotive expert Peter Schwarzenbauer. The company rebranded as Wahu Mobility in 2023 to reflect its vision of creating an open e-mobility platform that connects drivers, goods and passengers.

The Wahu bike is a revolutionary vehicle that aims to provide sustainable and affordable urban mobility for the city’s residents.

To scale up its operations, expand its product portfolio and reach more cities in Ghana and Africa at large, Wahu Mobility has secured a strategic investment from Blue Lion, a distinguished family office and central investment firm affiliated with the German family-owned Schörghuber Corporate Group. This investment will enable Wahu Mobility to accelerate its vision of creating an open e-mobility platform that connects drivers, passengers, and goods.


The bike is powered by a dual-swappable battery that can be charged at any standard outlet around the city. It has a range of up to 140 kilometers on a single charge and a top speed of 33 kilometers per hour. The bike also features a tracking device, a battery management system, and a smart lock that can be controlled via a mobile app. The app allows users to locate, unlock, and monitor their bikes remotely.

Beyond its amazing capacity to transport loads of up to 150 kilograms, the e-bike offers riders the choice of selecting their preferred mode of travel with both pedal assistance and throttle features, catering to a diverse range of riding styles and preferences.

The Wahu bike is not only a personal transport option, but also a potential source of income for drivers who want to join the booming delivery sector. Wahu Mobility has partnered with some of Africa’s largest mobility platforms, such as Bolt and Glovo, to offer delivery services using electric bikes. The company also offers flexible payment plans for drivers who want to own their bikes and pay every week for them.

On October 14, 2023. Wahu Mobility organized a test ride event for drivers and riders showcasing the bikes on the streets of Accra.

The co-founder and CEO of Wahu Mobility, Valerie Labi, said that the goal was to show that Ghana is leading the transition to sustainable mobility on the continent.

“Today was a historic day for Ghana, we rode through the streets of Accra with a fleet of sustainable riders and drivers. We are so excited that Ghana is leading this transition to sustainable mobility on the continent right here from Accra,” she said.

“We are Wahu,” Labi explained, “we create sustainable fleet solutions which basically means that we design locally manufactured electric vehicles in Accra and make them affordable for people who want to get electric vehicles and pay every week for them. They can also use their vehicle for deliveries.”.

Innovations like the “Wahu e-bike” are a game-changer for urban mobility in Africa. There’s little doubt that electric vehicles are the vanguards of future transportation, and the commendable efforts of Wahu Mobility Company in ensuring their accessibility and affordability to all is a significant stride in that direction.

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