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Wealth gained in public service must be questioned – Kofi Abotsi

Wealth gained in public service must necessarily be questioned if Ghana is to win the war against graft, Dean of the Law School at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), Professor Kofi Abotsi, has said.

He stated that service must remain what it is.

“Fighting corruption is difficult because of its ubiquity,” he said in a tweet regarding the issue of corruption in Ghana.”

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He added “To win the war against corruption we must reduce participants into the minority & deride unexplained wealth.

“Wealth gained in public service must necessarily be questioned as service must mean what it says it is.”

Recently, when the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng appeared before the Appointments Committee to be screened, he explained when wealth acquired by persons in Ghana can be described as unexplained wealth.

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The committee on Thursday, July 22 that if persons are unable to explain the source of the wealth as against the lawful income they earn, then it qualifies to be described as unexplained wealth.

Asked by Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu to explain what unexplained wealth is, Mr. Agyebeng said “It is a bit too overbroad to explain unexplained wealth in criminal jurisprudence, criminal construct should be more pointed, more focused and clearly delineated because of the specter of someone ending up in jail, losing his liberty or being fined hefty fine an amount.

“And so if we are to place it in proper context, unexplained wealth, I would say if the person cannot reasonably explain as marched against his lawful income, the amount of money in questions then that aspect, in my opinion, should be criminalized.

“But if you can reasonably explain how you came by that amount of money then that should be acceptable.”



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