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Yaba Buluku Boyz enlists Shatta Wale, Timaya, Harmonize, Jux and More for New Album “DONSA”

This long-awaited studio album, brought to life under Geobek Records, will be the nexus of the group’s pan-Africanist agenda: “Para a Mama África (For Mama Africa).”

Maputo, Mozambique – April 26, 2024 – It’s finally happening. In a symphony of cultures and languages as vast as the eye can see, Amapiano superstars Yaba Buluku Boyz present their first magnum opus: “DONSA.”

This long-awaited studio album, brought to life under Geobek Records, will be the new pride of our great continent and the nexus of the group’s pan-Africanist agenda: “Para a Mama África (For Mama Africa).”

The Force that Draws the World to Discover

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“DONSA” is more than a studio album; it is the force that draws the world to discover Mozambican sounds, talent, and culture like never before. It masterfully unleashes the trio’s power over fifteen electrifying tracks with an energy that will sweep through continents like seismic waves. DJ Tárico, Nelson Tivane and Preck orchestrate a grand spectacle from start to finish, inviting everyone to revel in the beauty of this exotic mosaic of hits.

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Collaborations that Reach the Ends of Africa

If ‘Tsunami’ featuring Timaya left you ecstatic, “DONSA” will up that feeling by a dozen! The Boyz handpick some of the continent’s finest for this stunning first journey of theirs. Jux of Tanzania assists in fulfilling desires on ‘Navela’ while Ivory Coast’s blazing hot rapper Didi B enjoys running ‘Billions’ with them as if an answered wish. Next in line is a feature from Ghana’s Dancehall King Shatta Wale, who shows no signs of slowing down on ‘No Sleeping.

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This kaleidoscope of features doesn’t end there. Tanzania’s Harmonize and Nigeria’s Iyanya return for the melodious ‘Lala’ and ‘Mandlozi,’ respectively and their encore with the crew couldn’t have been any more memorable! Nigerian songstress Liya and Mozambique’s very own Mano Tsotsi are the final guests that give “DONSA” its polish. They bring their unique melodies to the whistling chirps of ‘Away’ and the funky coasts of “Bebados,” creating essential songs that soar.

Peak Performance No Matter What

Even with no features, DJ Tárico, Nelson Tivane and Preck shine with the sun’s intensity at noon. From their roaring vote of thanks on ‘Bom Job (Good Job),’ the album’s first lead single, to the titular “Donsa,” there are no weak points! “One by One,” ‘Sontwene,’ ‘Nguena,’ ‘Zululwana’ and ‘Titimetissa’ maintain this sturdiness, zipping you between currents of excitement and vitality guaranteed to keep you immersed in a dance of pure delight.

One for the Books

The Yaba Buluku Boyz’s vision is for “DONSA” to become a cornerstone of African unity. Their dream is to see this masterpiece immortalized in music history and inspire a generation. “As ‘DONSA’ makes its way to radio, playlists, fans, clubs and every corner of the world, we are confident it will become the rhythmic heartbeat of Africa and a window into the treasures within,” says George “Geobek” Beke, CEO of Geobek Records, home to the Boyz.

“DONSA” is entirely produced by DJ Tárico. It is now available to stream in music stores worldwide. Experience this masterpiece here: https://vmgafrica.lnk.to/DonsaAr

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