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YG Marley: The New Reggae Sensation from The Marley Bloodline

Marley first performed "Praise Jah in the Moonlight" during his mother's concert tour commemorating the 25th anniversary of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album.”

Following the passing of Bob Marley, his influence on reggae remained etched in the hearts of Jamaicans and fans worldwide. Most of his children found solace and inspiration in music, carrying on his legacy.

Damian, Ziggy, Stephan, Ky-Mani, Cedalla, and Julian Marley have each embraced the rhythm of reggae. Now, the torch has been passed on to the emerging YG Marley, to continue the legacy of the Marley family.

Born Joshua Nesta Marley, YG Marley is the son of Rohan Marley and popular R&B singer Lauryn Hill. He was born in Beverly Hills, California, and raised in South Orange, New Jersey.

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Marley is also the grandson of the legendary Reggae icon, Bob Marley. He is the brother of Selah Marley, an American model cum singer, and Nico Marley, a retired NFL player.

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He became popular after releasing his critically acclaimed debut reggae single “Praise Jah in the Moonlight.”

Marley first performed “Praise Jah in the Moonlight” during his mother’s concert tour commemorating the 25th anniversary of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album.”

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Video clips of his performances went viral on social media, sparking wide interest in his talent and background.

“Praise Jah in the Moonlight” written by Marley alongside Lauryn Hill, explores the themes of love, gratitude to God, and freedom. Marley also pays tribute to his grandfather’s messages in the song, where he preaches resistance to materialism and government control.

The track opens up with a vocal sample from Bob Marley & The Wailers’ 1978 song, “Crisis,” which sets the tone for YG Marley. It progresses to a more refined traditional reggae beat, accompanied by YG’s vocals. He delivers his lyrics with a flair akin to that of the Late Bob Marley. “Praise Jah in the Moonlight” can almost be described as the continuation of Bob Marley & The Wailer’s “Crisis.”

On December 25, 2023, Marley officially released “Praise Jah in the Moonlight.” The single quickly became a streaming hit, reaching number one on both the U.S. and Global Spotify Viral 50 charts. Later in March 2024, the song began to trend heavily on TikTok and Snapchat, with celebrities like DJ Khaled acknowledging it numerous times on Instagram.

A music video directed by Cole Bennett for the song was released on Saturday, April 20, 2024. Lauryn Hill made a cameo appearance in the video, which was shot in Trenchtown, Jamaica.

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