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You Could Have Done Better – Ohemaa Mercy to Cecilia Marfo

Ghanaian gospel singer, Cecilia Marfo, has been in the news once again for very controversial reasons. The singer was seen in a viral video snatching a microphone from colleague musician Joyce Blessing and asking her to go to her ex-husband.

Several musicians, especially those in the gospel fraternity, have shared their views on the topic that has been trending in Ghana.

Gospel singer, Ohemaa Mercy has waded into the ongoing conversation about the encounter.

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Ohemaa Mercy is of the conviction that the “Di Kan” singer and prophetess could have done better by relaying her prophecy to Joyce Blessing in private rather than doing it with such a display.

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She referenced 2 Samuel 7 where God asks Nathan to visit David to have a private conversation with him to buttress her point.

“…I feel what happened should have been done in private. I am not happy about it. I always say there are so many ways of communicating with people especially when God has ministered to you. I feel this needs to be corrected and it shouldn’t happen in the future,” a worried Ohemaa Mercy expressed.

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However how disturbed Ohemaa is about the whole situation, she believes once anyone uses the Lord’s name in such instances, it is prudent not to vilify them, rather, people from the Christian faith should get closer to her to talk to her as to how to go about the delivery of her prophecies.

Following the divorce scandal linked to Joyce Blessing, Ohemaa reveals she is in constant touch with her and prays with her as well. She has urged her colleague not to sleep on what Cecilia Marfo had said or swallow it but rather seek the face of God to confirm if it indeed comes from Him.

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