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Economic Fighters League Welcomes Alan/Abu Sakara Alliance as it Urges End to NPP/NDC Duopoly

Non-partisan political movement, the Economic Fighters League, says it welcomes the new alliance between independent candidate  Alan Kyeremanten and former CPP flagbearer, Dr. Michael Abu Sakara Foster, indicating that the dominance of the political stage by the NPP and NDC must end.

“Joining forces is not merely an option; it is a necessity if we are to overcome the seemingly entrenched corrupt cabal of the duopoly and to create a lasting impact in our communities and nation,” the group said in a statement on Monday.

Mr. Kyeremanten who defected from the ruling NPP announced last week plans to form a coalition with Abu Sakara Foster, a one-time CPP Presidential candidate.

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The coalition, which was formed between Alan’s Movement for Change and Abu Sakara’s National Interest Movement (NIM) would specifically be called the “Alliance for Revolutionary Change” and is set to be launched later on April 17.

They aim to unseat the NPP/NDC duopoly in the upcoming December elections, hoping to become somewhat of a third force within Ghana’s Politik.

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If successful, the two major political parties would have to work hard to have a one-off win in the December elections. Ghana’s presidential election requires the winner to obtain more than 50% of valid votes cast.

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