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Elections 2024: Elect a Christian Leader Like Myself, Alan Kyeremanten Tells Ghanaians

The leader and founder of the independent political party, Movement for Change, has called on Christians (Ghanaians) to vote for a Christian candidate who is Christlike in the December 7 general elections. 

The leader and founder of Movement for Change, Alan Kyeremanten has called on Christians (Ghanaians) to vote for a Christian candidate who is Christlike in the December 7 general elections.

The former trade minister justified the need for a Christian to lead the country on the premise that Ghana is densely Christian-populated.

“Boasting about the fact that we have over 70% Christians in this country, we have a responsibility to make a decision this December as we go into the elections, to bring into being the kind of leadership that will restore hope. In all humility, I want to present to you as one of the people who will be contesting,” he said.

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Speaking at the Dr. Thomas Wyatt Congregation of the church of Pentecost during the Easter Celebrations, the former trade minister, encouraged the church to vote for a candidate whose religious faith is commensurate with theirs, likening such a leader to Jesus Christ.

“We want a leader who’ll be a servant leader, to serve the people and not to lord over them; we also want a leader who has integrity. These were the characteristics of our Lord Jesus Christ, who today is risen. So as a predominantly Christian nation, as Christians, it’s our responsibility to elect a Christian leader who is also a Christ-like leader,” he added.

Mr. Alan Kyeremanten, until September 25, was an integral member of the New Patriotic Party, who had high hopes of hoisting the flag of the party as its leader moving into the December 7 polls. Ever since his defeat to the current Vice President Bawumia in the NPP primaries, and his decision to go independent, many have questioned the motive behind his ambition.

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For someone who served as cabinet minister for seven years in the current adminsitration, critics and well wishers alike keep wondering what his continous backlash towards it stems from and whether his fierce critique of the NPP would have being same if he had been given the nod as flagbearer.

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